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Chapman Smith Corporation reserves the right to invoice at prices prevailing at the time of the shipment.  Prices may change without notice.  Discount terms and special pricing must be granted prior to placing your order(s).  The seller’s Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the state wherein the product was manufactured.  Venue on all claims and/or court actions will be the county and state where manufactured. 

Chapman Smith Corporation products listed in the current catalog will be available with certain lead times.  Your Chapman Smith Corporation Customer Service Representative can advise you of fulfillment times on all orders.

Chapman Smith Corporation reserves the right to make minor product modifications and improvements other than what is shown or described without notice.  Further more, Chapman Smith Corporation will not be responsible for providing improvements or updates on discontinued products.

All orders and changes to existing orders must be in writing showing appropriate part numbers, description, quantities, and shipping address.  Mail your order to Chapman Smith Corporation at P.O. Box 1866, Warsaw, Indiana 46580, fax it  to 574-372-3118 or email it to  Please include your Chapman Smith Corporation account number, if you use your company Purchase Order form.  Shipping dates will be determined when all credit issues are resolved by the credit Department.

An acknowledgement will be faxed to you as confirmation. Contact your Customer Service Representative regarding changes to your order.  Changes to orders must be received at least two (2) days prior to shipping date.  Any revisions may effect the shipping date.
MINIMUM LEAD TIME When it is critical, we will do our best to ship products in less than our normal lead time; however, we require a minimum of 48 hours lead time for all orders.  This policy is necessary for new orders as well as changes and additions to existing orders.  Any changes or additions may also delay the ship date on your order.  LTL and Truckload orders will have additional minimum lead times.  Please contact your Customer Service Representative, if you have questions regarding lead times.

Any cancellations must be received at least three (3) days prior to shipping date.  If order is cancelled within three (3) days, Dealer will be charged the Freight Carrier cancellation fee and 20% restocking fee.

Occasionally, items may be temporarily backordered.  Backorders will be shipped when product is available and shipping arrangements are confirmed.  Backordered items will not be billed to the customer’s account until the product is shipped.  A Customer Service Representative will call or fax to advise you of the backorder and anticipated ship date of the product.

Your Customer Service Representative must be contacted within 30 days from the date of shipment for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA).  Products manufactured by Chapman Smith Corporation must be returned in an unmodified, salable condition and must arrive as such, as determined by our Quality Control Department, in order for credit to be issued.  A 20% restocking fee for returned product will be charged.

The following will not receive credit:

  1. Products returned in a non-salable condition, as determined by our Quality Control Department. 
  2. Unauthorized returns without an RGA.
  3. Product returned that is not listed on the RGA issued.
  4. Custom orders, non-stock or special items (size, dimension, length, etc.).

Packing and return shipment costs are the responsibility of the dealers.  A Dealer is responsible for ensuring that the product is packaged properly prior to returning, as product returned in a non-salable condition will not receive any credit.  Please check with your Customer Service Representative to confirm return freight procedure. Dealers are responsible for return freight charges on unauthorized product returns. 

Your Customer Service Representative will need the following information for the RGA:  Invoice number, part number, quantity being returned and reason for the return.  Once we have this information, we will mail or fax you a copy of the RGA form for you to include with your returned items.  The RGA must be included with the shipment.

Any claim against a Chapman Smith Corporation shipment/invoice must be made within 30 days from our invoice date.  If there is a question or problem concerning a shipment/invoice or its charges, contact your Customer Service Representative immediately.  Do not short pay an invoice without prior approval from Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department. 

Effective, June 1, 2010


All Chapman Smith Corporation orders are processed on a cash basis, unless credit terms are granted.  Chapman Smith Corporation accepts company checks, money orders, cashiers checks, and wire transfers as payment.

New accounts and accounts that do not have credit terms need to prepay for their sales orders including applicable sales tax and freight charges prior to production/shipment of the order. 

To request an account with terms, contact Chapman Smith Corporation for an account application.  Dealers need to submit the completed and signed confidential application along with their Tax Exempt Certificate to Chapman Smith Corporation.    

The Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department will approve the account application.  Please allow seven (7) to ten (10) working days to process your account application, once the documentation is received (i.e. Account Application, New Dealer Information Form, Tax Exempt Certificate). 

We recommend prepaying your opening order to expedite processing; otherwise, the sales order will not be released for production until credit approval is granted. 

The remittance address for Chapman Smith Corporation invoices and prepayment of orders is the following lock box service:

                        Chapman Smith Corporation
                        P.O. Box 1866
                        Warsaw, IN 46580

A remittance advice showing either the invoice numbers or sales orders being paid should be submitted to the lockbox along with your payment. 

Chapman Smith Corporation will establish payment terms based upon the information submitted by the Dealer on their account application.  The following describes the various terms available to Chapman Smith Corporation Dealers:

If a Dealer is established with cash (prepay) terms, contact the Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department for the exact amount due on the orders.  The applicable amounts for sales tax and freight will be included.   

Payment can be made to the P.O. Box address listed in REMITTANCE OF PAYMENT.  Your remittance advice should include your order numbers, which can be obtained from the faxed acknowledgement or by calling your Chapman Smith Corporation Customer Service Representative. 

Orders will not be available for pickup for at least three (3) working days from the date that your payment clears the lock box.  In many instances, the standard lead time for production of the order will begin from the date payment confirmation is received.  Contact Chapman Smith for estimated shipment date. 

If you wish to wire funds as payment, please contact the Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department for bank routing information.  Any bank processing fees are the responsibility of the Dealer including fees involved in sending or receiving wire funds, which will be charged to the Dealer’s account.  Cash Discount is applicable for wires received on accounts with 1%-10 terms provided the wire is received by our bank within ten days of the invoice date.  See EARLY PAYMENT TERMS procedure.

If you qualify for Net 30 Day Terms, your invoice payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.  The payment date applied to your open invoice(s) will be the postmark date of your envelope provided the payment is sent to the PO Box address. 

Unpaid invoices exceeding 30 days from the invoice date are considered past due, and the Dealer’s account is considered delinquent.  Shipment on orders will be suspended until the Dealer’s account is brought current by making payment on the past due invoices.  See PAST DUE INVOICES/DELINQUENT ACCOUNT procedure.   

Chapman Smith Corporation offers Dealers a 1% discount on all invoices paid within 10 days from the date of the invoice.  The 1%-10 terms require your payment to be post marked no later than the tenth day.  Payments must be remitted to the Chapman Smith Corporation lock box address listed in REMITTANCE OF PAYMENT procedure. 

Cash Discount is calculated on the product only and does not include sales tax or freight.  For example:
            Invoice breakdown: Product                                               $20,000
                                                Sales Tax (6%)                                      1,200
                                                Freight                                                     1,000
                                                   Total Invoice                                   $22,200
                                                Cash Discount (within 10 days)          (200)
                                                               Net Amount Due                 $22,000

Cash Discount of $200 is allowed if payment is received within ten days of invoice date.  The postmark date on the envelope, or receipt of wired funds is considered the payment date.                                               

Dealers with payment terms established by the Chapman Smith Corporation will receive a credit limit based on our thorough review of the information provided in the account application.  Exceeding the credit limit will result in the suspense of an order shipment, whether the account is current or not.  The standard lead time for production of the order will begin from the date the order is released from suspense by the Credit Department.    

Only the Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department can release an order from suspense.  Our Credit Department will gladly assist Dealers who place orders that results in your credit limit being exceeded.

Dealers wishing to extend their credit limit may be asked to provide current credit information, updated references, financial statements and other documentation.  The Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department can assist you in this matter. 

Your prompt payment of invoices is an important factor in Chapman Smith Corporation ability to offer top quality products at competitive prices.  Timely payment of invoices gives Chapman Smith Corporation the leverage needed to receive competitive prices for material and components. 

Should a Dealer be unable to pay an invoice within terms, they should contact the Chapman Smith Corporation before the account becomes delinquent.  We will make every effort to work with you during difficult situations; however, past-due invoices and delinquent accounts can result in the indefinite suspense of order shipments,

Chapman Smith Corporation reserves the right to charge Dealers an appropriate interest rate on all past-due invoices.  Non-payment of the interest rate could result in suspending order shipments. 

Chapman Smith Corporation will charge a $75.00 service charge on all checks returned as unpaid, which includes non-sufficient funds, uncollected funds, etc.  Returned checks will immediately place your account on prepay basis.  See CASH (PREPAY) procedure.

Chapman Smith Corporation Credit Department will suspend order shipments until the funds for the returned check and service charge is received.  Payment must be made via Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Wire Transfer or other payment agreement made with the Credit Department.  

Dealer’s account must be current to be eligible for any special programs and invoices must be paid within established terms.  The Chapman Smith Corporation invoice will reflect the appropriate adjustments based on the program offering. 

Chapman Smith Corporation will assist Dealers with any questions or comments that they have regarding our Credit Policies and Procedures. 

Effective, June 1, 2010



The Chapman Smith Corporation Shipping Department makes every effort to package product to withstand normal shipping.  Our products are more vulnerable to abuse and damage when transported in LTL (less than truckload) quantities, since several transfers will take place between our warehouse and your receiving site.  Our Shipping Department takes special care to package products on pallets to help insure that it reaches you in good condition. 

The Dealer is responsible for filing a claim with the freight carrier, if damaged product is received.  See SHIPPING DAMAGE procedures in this manual. 


All orders are shipped F.O.B. our manufacturing/warehouse site(s), thus ownership transfers to the purchaser when the order leaves our facility. 

Shipping Departments are open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (local time) for Truckload, L.T.L. shipments, and customer pick up. 


Truckload shipments will be sent freight prepaid and added to your invoice, unless other arrangements are made.   If a truck is cancelled less than 48 hours before the ship date, the dealer will be responsible for the cancellation fee from the freight carrier.


Common Carrier shipments will be sent freight prepaid and added to your invoice.  If you want the freight to be “collect”, you must mark “collect” on your order or if you want a different carrier collect.  Chapman Smith Corporation negotiates discount rates with select carriers, so our freight volume ensures that you will be given the best possible rate. 


Customers on Cash (Prepaid) terms wishing to pick up orders at our facilities must receive prior approval from the Credit Department.  See Credit Policy for additional information on prepay accounts.

Your pick up date is scheduled in a way to minimize your waiting time at the shipping dock.  You must call Customer Service Department to schedule a pick up time.  Please do not show up without an assigned time or other than your assigned time.  Doing so could delay you and other customers that may be waiting.  If you cannot make the scheduled pick up date or if you are running late, call Customer Service Department to let them know.  The shipping department will load on a first come first serve basis.

It is important that you bring a trailer large enough to safely carry your shipment.  Please bring a sufficient quantity of straps for tie down. 


When handling your orders, we will make every effort to ship in full truckload quantities.  Once the truck has been safely and securely loaded, any remaining products will be considered a “no-room” backorder to your original order.  Customer Service Department will confirm shipping arrangements with the Dealer. 

As there are many variables on what constitutes a truckload of product, our Shipping Department will work closely with Customer Service to help you avoid “no-room” backorders.  Please speak with your Customer Service Representative if you have questions on volume orders. 


To inquire about routing or delivery times, please contact your Customer Service Representative. 


Please have the proper equipment and manpower necessary to offload the shipment as the Common Carrier driver is not responsible for offloading your order.  Some enclosed trailers may require hand offloading.  Be sure to have sufficient help to offload, as the driver is not required to help.  See Drop Shipments regarding receiving orders at your customers’ location.

Upon receipt of your order, please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your order upon receipt. 
  2. Check the product received against the freight Bill of Lading for completeness.  Be sure that the number of packages on the Bill of Lading matches the number of packages received. 
  3. It is very important to write on the Bill of lading if there is any visible damage or shortage. It is much easier to file a claim if properly documented.  Open and inspect the shipment immediately.  Any shortages or damage claims must be made promptly, so please take time to inspect all product. 
  4. Any shortages or damage discovered after the driver has left must be reported to the carrier’s local terminal for inspection.   

      See SHIPPING DAMAGE and SHORTAGE procedures.

Any extra charges from the Freight Carrier (residential delivery, live load, notification before delivery, etc.) will be invoiced to the Dealer.


Do not refuse any shipment.  If you realize there is a problem with your shipment prior to delivery, you must contact your Customer Service Representative for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA).  If a shipment can be stopped in transit, Dealer will be invoiced for the freight/handling fees required to return the product to our manufacturing facility and a 20% restocking fee. 

All returns must be reported to your Customer Service Representative and a RGA must be granted.   


All shipments depart our facility with a signed receipt from the carrier verifying the shipment is in good condition.  Since ownership transfers to the purchaser when the order leaves our facility (F.O.B. – our manufacturing/warehouse sites), it is your obligation to file any freight claims with the carrier. 

When receiving shipments, please do the following:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your shipment upon receipt for any damage.  The product’s condition should always be clearly written on the shipping papers as either “good” or “damaged” with the number of pieces along with the recipient’s signature.  For example, “1 out of 3 posts damaged.”  The Bill of Lading should not be signed in a manner that leaves it open, such as “subject to inspection.”
  2. If your shipment has visibly damaged product and the signed Bill of Lading does not state that the product was damaged upon receipt, the recipient is responsible for the damaged product. 
  3. Recipient is responsible for contacting the freight carrier directly to file a claim.
  4. Retain all packaging product for the carrier’s inspection for a minimum of 90 days. 
  5. If Dealer is requesting replacement product due to shipping damage, report the following to your Royal Crown Limited Customer Service Representative:
    1. Order number or invoice number.
    2. Package tracking number.
    3. Part number and/or product description (i.e. Two 5” square posts or five 1 ½” x 5 ½” rails).
    4. Description of the damage.

All replacement orders are invoiced to the Dealer.  The freight carrier is responsible for replacement of damaged product.  

If your shipment has hidden damage, you must report this to your Customer Service Representative with 30 days of product receipt. 


Freight carrier shortages must be specified on the Bill of Lading and claim filed directly with the freight carrier.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all product in a timely manner. 

Hidden shortage claims for product must be made to your Customer Service Representative within thirty (30) days from receipt of the order.

Chapman Smith Corporation will not be responsible for any shortage claim made after 30 days from the date of the receipt of the order. 

Effective, June 1, 2010